A Tangle of Botanicals

‘A Tangle of Botanicals’ marked the year by painting plant forms inspired from looking at embroidered fabrics. 2020 was the year when we were unable to visit museum collections, so Jeanette scoured her books and fabric samples, interested in the marks needle and thread make in cloth, the stylisation and decoration of intertwined plant forms that other designers have found. She used this as a springboard to interpret embroidered surfaces and explore new colour palettes. “Each painting in some way is random, like walking in the local landscape, taking a different route each time. Not knowing is important, it’s how we continually learn. Submerging real plants with imagined ones, trying unusual colour combinations, and mixing different paints and inks into each picture to add a vibrancy or dullness”.

Hereford Library & Museum Carvings Lino series

Animals on wood series

Bird Collage Art Cards

Hellens Manor Gardens

Daphne’s Glove

Excavations of Eternity

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