Community Art

Art at St Michaels Hospice

Poetry Murals – Ledbury Poetry Festival Commission

In 2021 Jeanette received an interesting commission from the Ledbury Poetry Festival to decorate their new premises in the Barratt-Browning Institute (Old Clock Tower) in Ledbury. Now in its 24th year, this is the largest poetry festival in the UK, where all year round it introduces and celebrates poetry in all its forms. Jeanette chose to represent poems which included Benjamin Zephaniah, Alice Oswald, Simon Armitage, Holly McNish and others. “There is something liberating about working on this scale, using pared back colours and finding a way to distil one image to represent the many ideas that a poem might carry”.

Other Worldly

Hereford Library, Museum and Art Gallery

My Place, funded through Rural Media, the artwork celebrates this unique Victorian building the Hereford Library, Museum and Art Gallery. These black and white drawings based on the external carvings were then translated into lino cuts for a community project based at Great Western Court. A book based on the artwork from participants and Jeanette will be produced in April 2021, one for each contributor and copies to given to the library.

Community Arts Workshops, Projects and Involvement

In the 21st Century we live busy lives. Some of us become unwell, or we might care for others, our energy can be depleted on a daily basis. Occasionally we might feel we live in a vacuum and become isolated and at other times we are overwhelmed with our responsibilities.

The act of being creative is an immersive and individual experience, we are actively involved and this gives us an immense positive and uplifting feeling. To learn new skills fosters new possibilities; creative activities which can be continued at home and these can be shared and passed on, which is also an empowering feeling.

I create and encourage an inclusive creative environment, a space where some of the daily decision making and emotional strains can be left for a while. And in this place people can be creative, feel re-skilled, make new friends and also find useful links and contacts which may support us.

Creative endeavours help people feel re-energised, re-focused and can act as a reminder that we all need to be able to step away for some time for ourselves.

Recent examples 2019/2020 of art made here include people:

Welshpool Hospital Renal Unit; ‘Birds in a Tree’ mural for the hospital

– Wyldwood Arts 3 x community groups, living in care, contributed to textile banners made for ‘May’ theatrical performances

– Ledbury Poetry Festival 2019 ‘Mappa Mundi’ made by Ledbury art group Art for Pleasure and ‘Zodiac’ made by Herefordshire Housing older residents

– ‘Stevie’ for a conference about communication for Elysium Healthcare, made with residents and care staff

– 12 month project at St Michael’s Hospice, funded by Awards for All

Ledbury Nursing Home, craft club funded by Glencora (Herefordshire Grants)

Herefordshire’s a Great Place, My Place, commissioned to make an new artwork with contributions from community groups.

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